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“As RAW warriors, we carry so much of the world upon our shoulders. There is an ancient saying in fact that 'Women hold up half the sky'.

This is so very true and yet the world requires, it demands our daily interaction and intervention and whole beings, as protectors, as providers and life givers of this planet. The work that we do is vitally important.

During our Pan African Women's Day event in Los Angeles, key note speaker, mother, artist and life activist NuSaiba Legacy provided excellent examples of why we need to keep ourselves in balance and in tune to insure that not only what we do continues to benefit our families, our community and our African Nation, but so that what we offer also prolongs our life and enriches our lives and all that surrounds us.

The vibration of our work comes from a place of wholeness and health or exhaustion, sickness, unhappiness and whether we believe this or not, seeds that are dry and depleted can not bear strong and healthy fruit. We must see the nurturing of our mental and physical selves as the process of healing, manifesting the production of the Revolution, inspiring the continuation of this movement for the liberation all land and people regenerating ourselves.

One of my favorite quotes from our beloved Ernesto Che Guevarra is his statement on the nature of a revolutionary: He says “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

With that being said by someone who gave his life for the freedom of Cubans, Africans and eventually for his homeland Bolivia where he was executed, we thank Che for this lesson and offer a series of love lessons called ‘Personalize the Revolution: A Formula for Success.’ Below you will find the first of many articles for this series.”

Moya Mzuri

MMP: Sisters, do we wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and tired before our feet hit the ground? I know sometimes I do. I dread getting up and going to work when millions of people are praying for a job and maybe thousands didn't even wake up this morning! Sometimes I just need to reflect! Is everything that we have to do OUR responsibility and we have no one or collective to help us carry out the many tasks and responsibilities that are required to support our families and community? Take a deep breathe and read this…

How do you empower yourself daily? Here are a few tips for Our Continued Elevation on a Practical Level.

Practical Works For The Elevation Of Our Nation Is A Lifestyle!

  • Your Skill, Craft, Talent, Resources and the full implementation of these factors contribute to the Empowerment of Yourself, Family, and Community. What we do for our community is a direct reflection of what we do for our families, which is a direct reflection of what we do for ourselves.
  • It’s not about THEM its about what WE are doing. Let’s shift to focus to Our Actions.
  • Everything that we do is an Energy. Work towards carrying out every aspect of your life in the Highest Conscious Energy, then, that Positive Energy Force will Recycle and Return to You.
  • We are creating Functional Networks. Each Action should have a Strategic Goal and Output.
  • We must build solid models/infrastructures of Organization for our daily lives based in Afrikan Culture. What is an Infrastructure? It is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function.

MMP: Close your eyes and envision who you really are? Can you see yourself just the way you see yourself in the mirror? I'm usually picking out all the imperfections, what I see as flaws, distractions and weaknesses. What about your vision of yourself? What about the work you do? The commitments that you've made to others and now you feel you've taken on too much? And all the other real demands or perceived demands of life that sit before you?...By the end of the day, have we manifested all that we saw when our eyes were closed, the weight gain, the tiredness, the lack of and overwhelming exhaustiveness? Did we create this in our minds and bring it into fruition just by how we thought and what we thought? Practice visualization on a daily basis – envisioning our Best selves and working towards that Reality.

Our Reality

  • It’s All in Your Mind: How we perceive ourselves and our community is how it will manifest in our lives.
  • Raise Up the Highest thoughts about Self and Community in every moment.
  • It’s All in Your Action: What we do to make that perception REAL.
  • Write your “To Do” list and form realistic steps towards your goals
  • Do only those tasks that are in alignment with your energy for each day
  • Maximize your time. Develop great time management skills by living fully in each moment.
  • It’s All in Your Destiny: We will be guided to where we need to be. Heed the signs.
  • It is What it is. Don’t place illusions on what you see to be clear and true.

MMP: This is the opposite of the Janet Jackson song!!! We are asking RAW warriors.....what have you done for yourself lately?!

Womb-Men: Do It For Ourselves

  • Envoke the Het Heru energy. Het Heru is a Divine Feminine Principal which goes back to ancient Kemet. This Goddess reigns over Beauty, Love, Prosperity, and JOY. Taking all things in stride and working to maintain our Joy in any situation. In order to do this effectively we must care for ourselves.
  • Take 1 day a week at least to pamper yourself – Very Important! If we do not re-charge our energy we will not be of the Best service to our people. Take an herbal, essential bath, burn the incense, light the candles and float away into the ethers. Give yourself a body massage or facial. Do some journaling and organizing of your thoughts. Take yourself out to dinner or make a special dinner for Self of healthy Life-giving foods.
  • Engage with other Sisters, Assist each other daily. Form groups, Give your union a NAME.
  • Eat foods that feed your body in a balanced manner. Take back our health! Take back our wombs!
  • Embrace our AfRaKan Spirituality & Culture: Use all the elements of the Earth to stay charged.
  • Stay True to your mission and purpose in the midst of motherhood, being a wife etc. Take time to yourself regularly.

Personalize the Revolution is A Concept founded at AfRakan Liberation Day 2008 in St. Croix/St. Thomas by youth DaRa Monifah, Akin Chinnery and NuSaiba Legacy. It reflects the values of bringing our global Revolution for Spiritual and Physical freedom to a interpersonal level where we really know and support each other.

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