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“As RAW warriors, we carry so much of the world upon our shoulders. The vibration of our work comes from a place of wholeness and health or exhaustion, sickness, unhappiness and whether we believe this or not, seeds that are dry and depleted can not bear strong and healthy fruit. We must see the nurturing of our mental and physical selves as the process of healing, manifesting the production of the Revolution, inspiring the continuation of this movement for the liberation all land and people regenerating ourselves.

Moya Mzuri

When we take care of ourselves, we will be the best for our families. Caring for ourselves includes being responsible about the people we allow in our intimate space. When we encounter positive or negative energy that affects us it also affects our family, so be aware of the company kept.

Ensure that our men are taken care of and balanced. Be there for them, Assist them, listen and innerstand. Do so with an open heart, without expectation. Our brothers are often given a hard time at work or in the world just as we are. Through the challenges of managing our everyday lives, we must be each other’s haven of comfort and refuge from the chaos. Let’s not beat each other down. Be honest, be clear, express and keep loving.

Ensure that our children are receiving right education. Practice Effective Homeschooling daily. Homeschooling can be and should be a very structured environment of learning for children, yet, it is also informal and displayed and taught through our daily actions from how we speak, to what we eat and cook, to how often we are on the computer. What our children see they will for sure mimic. Monitor the behavior of your youth and address him/her directly when you see concerns. Sometimes our children will bring home what they see in the streets and we must nip that in the bud immediately. Structured homeschooling can be challenging, but we are responsible for teaching our children and especially, teaching them about themselves and the culture, even if they are being schooled outside of the home.

Take back our health! Keep natural food in the regiment and ample purified water in our systems. Continue living and learning natural medicines. Teach our families how to Heal Themselves. We are what we eat – the cliché phrase that is so true. The foods we eat will recycle into our habits, attitudes, and actions. Keep lives foods in your diet. Drink distilled or alkaline water, which purify the body and is absorbed more effective by the blood stream than other waters. You can also add lemon and chlorophyll to your water to alkalinize it. Learn how to heal yourself and your children when imbalance sets in. Also, get plenty of sunlight. Vitamin D is of the utmost importance for our overall health and for cleansing our melanin. *See the attached list of natural medicines that are a must for your all-natural medicine cabinet.

Instill in our families traditional Afrakan Spirituality and acknowledgement of our Divine Selves. One aspect that is void from Western religions is the acknowledgement of our ancestors and the connection between the physically living and the spiritually living (for energy can be stagnant, but never “dead”). Whatever form of Spiritually you practice, emphasize the importance of our Afrakan essence in your family. All of our children should know that our ancestors came from the beloved land of Afraka, which Ourstory did not begin in Amerika, but our great legacy continues in the Americas and around the globe…into the cosmos.

Stay Informed of current events and what can benefit your family. Attend these events, network and follow-up. Often times we attend a great even and meet great people, but do not follow the momentum through. Keep in touch with those who you have made a connection with, even if it’s an occasional email. More importantly, find out how you can collaborate with other people in the community. Staying connected to like minds and Spirits is a crux of keeping our culture alive for the next generation.

Maximize our time. Make strategic moves and decisions. Strategize, Strategize, Strategize. It cannot be said enough. Any move, without an idea or intent of the end goal is not the best move. Make every next move your best by planning, praying and taking effective action.

Match skills and talents with needs of the community. Let your interactions with others be interpersonal and focused towards a particular goal. Do not forget to practice Cooperative Economics where able. Whatever your skill is, find out how you can use that skill in the community. If you have tasks that need to be completed, call on someone you know to assist with that project. We must also be conscious to allow the dollar to pass within out community as many times a possible. Don’t hesitate to compensate or barter with a fellow comrade for their time and craft.

Bridge generational gaps — Keep Elder-Youth relationships strong. This is one of the KEYS to our Elevation. If there is a youth initiative without the guidance of an Elder, we must rethink and correct the matter by allowing at least one elder to chime in and provide guidance. Our Elders have lived through much of our success and “failure” as a community and can offer young souls advice on how to move forward. Many of our elders can also use the assistance of the youth on issues dealing with marketing, technology, innerstanding the state of the young people in the community and so on. Bridging this communication gap will make us an even more powerful people and will keep our culture cohesive.

Become an apprentice to an Elder and take on a youth who you can pass knowledge to — EACH ONE, TEACH ONE. This is self-explanatory. Let’s get it in!!!

Personalize the Revolution is A Concept founded at AfRakan Liberation Day 2008 in St. Croix/St. Thomas by youth DaRa Monifah, Akin Chinnery and NuSaiba Legacy. It reflects the values of bringing our global Revolution for Spiritual and Physical freedom to a interpersonal level where we really know and support each other.

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