What Are Worthy Resources For RAW?

First let me state clearly, Pan Africanism assumes that African women don’t just suffer from discrimination or are victims because we are women. We know that African people, both men and women suffer poverty, institutional racism and class exploitation because WE ARE AFRICANS.

It is because Africa is a rich continent and we as African people built some of the most important and advanced nation states (Kemet, Songhay, Ghana, Mali, Zimbabwe, etc.) and dynasties, created some of the most revered educational and scientific institutions that pre dates European development and expansion and that those travelers realized that, wrote about it and in their growth during mercantile periods sought to exchange then exploit Africa, that is why African People are targeted. It is because of our singular history of great achievement, then exploitation, oppression and struggle for liberation as a Nation and as a class create the premise that we can not just fight on one front as women. African women, like African men will not be free until AFRICA, the source of capitalisms quest for world domination (the complete and total control of the worlds resources) is free and under All African Government of the people, for the people, by the people is realized.

The African continent was divided and those same empires divided the territories in to colonial states amongst themselves for extraction of mineral wealth that sustain those empires even today. Africans at home are also dominated and our resources, movement, control over our ability to house, clothe, educate, feed and care for our selves and our future is repressed by European imperialism.

So it is a given that African women suffer from a triple oppression, as women, as Africans and as workers or potential workers. Therefore our struggle is not just a feminist struggle but a Nationalist and Pan Africanist struggle.

That being said, there are contributions to be made in understanding our struggle as a people in particular as African women. Pan Africanist, Communist, Socialist, international and local activist can contribute towards this discussion, so I seek to offer (and learn from) materials that provide a solid foundation of describing the problems, the history and solutions that we can relate to and learn from.

We're not going to all agree on every political position, every ideological strand or point but I believe there is value in the works of sisters in the field of activism, doing progressive/revolutionary work and writing about it.

That’s what I offer and I hope you can find value in it.