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AZAPO is a Azanian/South African political organization. Its inspiration is drawn from the Black Consciousness Movement philosophies developed by Steve Biko.

Would like to give the message of Solidarity to the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union. As Women in Azania we acknowledge and commend the role of the Pan African Women Tabloid on the role they are playing in positioning the plight of African/ Azanian Women to the rest of the World.

As the World is praising South Africa for the Democracy one cannot help but wonder what are the actual fruits of this Democracy to an ordinary woman in the rural areas of South Africa, the fact of the matter is that in South Africa the face of poverty is black, woman and rural.

Our people have been made to be excited about owning a 2 room house that has not been divided between the bedroom and the kitchen and no room for the children…and to them are fruits of the Democracy and we say at what cost when thousands of our people have sacrificed with their dear life.

When Steve Biko spoke about the beacon of hope that is in the distant future but that will bring a more human face, he spoke about the restoration of the human dignity and one knows that to upgrade the life of a majority of the people of this country it cannot be done in the present capitalist state and we need a Socialism economic system.

The democracy we have let women down as still in 2012, we still have a ratio of 1:9 so only one woman has confidence to report the rape case and the rest just keep quiet and the scourge of rape increases.

“…the fact of the matter is that in South Africa the face of poverty is black, woman and rural.”

Some measures and laws have been put in place but we need the practical side of the laws.

    Issues suffered by women in Azania to name a few:
  1. No access to land, affecting all people in Azania
  2. Poverty on the rise
  3. Women made to depend on Social Services and no measures put in place to assist women in making their own living
  4. An increase in violent crimes specifically rape
  5. No free access to female condoms
  6. An increase in drug and alcohol abuse in women and children
  7. Corruption in State institutions and Private

These highlights the everyday issues of the women in our country, And the country will not enjoy its democracy when the majority of the community women in this case unless are free.

We thank you as you are going to share the flaws of our Democracy and acknowledging that it is not yet uhuru and Azania has not prevailed.

Manku Noruka

Head of AZAPO Women & Gender Affairs Department

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